Concert Stage Hire Melbourne

Portable Staging has
never been easier!

Simplicity is the keynote of the Flexi-Stage system, ensuring no lost parts and set up time kept to an absolute minimum.

Flexi-Stage comes in 3 different heights.

the modular design allows for an infinite number of configurations to suit your every need.

Stage Hire Melbourne 300mm High Stage

300mm High

Our lowest stage at 300mm high, often used for corporate speaking, Can be paired with our 300mm steps and skirts.

Stage Hire Melbourne 600mm High Stage

600mm High

Our medium stage at 600mm high is great for bands and performers, to be used in conjunction with our 600mm steps.

Stage Hire Melbourne 900mm High Stage

900mm High

Our highest stage at 900mm high is often booked for catwalks and schools. This stage is used in conjunction with our 900mm steps.

Special Designs:
Flexi Stage Modular Stage.

All stages and stairs interlock to enable any modular configuration required. They feature carpeting with
the added option to add dress skirts.

  • Stage Hire Steps
  • Stage Steps Hire Melbourne

“We knew our band needed a quick setup,
the team delivered exactly what we were looking for”

- Michael Dumpling

“Our open air kids concert was a hit! Stages were solid.
We are so happy with the results!”

- Jesse Ware, Devotion

Affordable, Quality Stage Hire

How big is the stage?

A Flexi-Stage Platform is 2400mm wide x 1200mm deep

Can Flexi – Stage be used outside?

Yes, our portable stages can be used both indoors and outdoors

Can I set Flexi-Stage up myself?

Yes, you can absolutely assemble Flexi-Stage yourself. Our staff are happy to provide a free demonstration so you feel confident about putting it all together. Our team will provide you with easy to understand instructions on delivery. If you have any trouble at all simply pick the phone and our support team will be there to help!

Is Flexi –Stage available for purchase?

Yes of course, just head to our contact form, fill it in and we will get right back you.

How do I get the stages?

Just let us know on the contact form where you are located, Flexi-Stage delivers anywhere in the Melbourne metropolitan and regional areas!

What size will I need?

Examples of past events include:

  • CORPORATE SPEAKING STAGE – measuring 2.4m wide x 2.4m deep x .3m tall
  • SCHOOL PERFORMANCE STAGE – measuring 9.6m wide x 4.8m deep x .9m tall for 15 – 20 performers
  • NIGHTCLUB DJ TABLE – measuring 2.4m wide x 1.2m deep x .9m tall for 2 x CDJ’s and 2 mixers
  • RUNWAY/ CATWALKS – measuring 2.4 wide x 6m x .9m tall
  • MUSIC STAGE – measuring 4.8m wide x 3.6m deep x .6m tall for a five piece band

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A Hire Day is defined as pick-up from 12.00pm onwards and return to Flexi-Stage by 11.00am the following day. Weekends are a minimum 2-day hire.

**Stage Re-sellers please make sure you ask for wholesale.

Pickup is easy at our Melbourne Metro location

We're conveniently located in Richmond so deliveries are quick-smart!
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